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Multiline shell script in Ansible with Jinja variables. Related. 3501. Check if a directory exists in a shell script. 1320. How do I prompt for Yes/No/Cancel input in a Linux shell script? 1146. How to use SSH to run a shell script on a remote machine? 2078. In the shell, what does “ 2>&1 ” mean? 1023. YYYY-MM-DD format date in shell script. 841. How to declare and use boolean variables. You can consider ansible ad-hoc commands as shell commands and a playbook as a shell script. In this Shell script analogy, many shell commands put together in the form of shell script to perform a set of tasks and they also give us benefits like conditional statements, loops, functions etc. I want to run a shell script to change directory path in ANSIBLE and run subsequent shell file2 in the directory again shell script. Ansible playbook completes but I never am able to get into a directory and execute the shell script2. Ansible is a powerful tool for automation, its syntax checking, verbose and dry run mode features make it a reliable and safe tool. It is particularly popular in IT infrastructure automation, such as application deployment or full fledged infrastructure plus app deployment.

Ansible uses modules to complete the task on the remote server. The most commonly used command modules are “command”, “shell”, and “raw”. Each module has its own advantages and disadvantages. In Ad-hoc command mode, unless you specify the module name, it uses “command” module by. The shell module provides some return values like ‘stderr’ and ‘stdout’. You can find more return values in the Ansible documentation. For more details on both modules refer shell module and command module. Ansible Adhoc shell command. You can also give the shell command using the Adhoc method. ansible all -m shell -a "ls -lrt". playbook Comment faire un script shell multiligne dans Ansible. ansible shell multiline 3 en ce moment j'utilise un script shell dans ansible qui serait beaucoup plus lisible s'il était sur plusieurs lignes -name: iterate user groups shell: groupmod -o -g item ['guid'] item ['username']. For example if you created a new command called "login_script" or "login_shell" I'd just start using that. But I think I read above from DeHaan that he doesn't want more option/command sprawl. So I'm not clear how you would expose a shell script that invoked the shell with parameters in Ansible. Any thoughts? Thanks for inquiring about this. I am new to Ansible. I have a bash script which has three arguments to be passed. I have to run this bash script on the remote server from Ansible. Basically, I want to declare the hostname, duration and the comment fields as arguments while executing the Ansible command. I don't want to edit the file, as I am doing it from a Slack channel.

Is it possible to use variables on command or shell modules? I have the following code, and I would like to use variable file to provide some configurations: I would like to read the Hadoop version from my variables file. On other modules of ansible I could use ansible_version, but with command or shell it. This will work with any type of script, it doesn't have to be bash. This tutorial uses the script core module, which was intoroduced in Ansible 1.5 so you should almost definitely have it. Steps Create the Setup Script. Lets create the script on our Ansible server because it needs to be local.

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